DOI: 10.1049/blc2.12063 ISSN: 2634-1573

A survey on blockchain deployment for biometric systems

Surbhi Sharma, Rudresh Dwivedi
  • General Medicine


Blockchain technology has become an emerging area in recent years due to its capacity to improve the security, dependability, and resilience of distributed systems. Research based on this technique has impacted several firms, including banking, healthcare, data processing, remote sensing, and many others. The key characteristics of blockchain technology that make it appealing are data immutability, transparency, privacy, decentralization, and distributed ledgers. However, there is a chance of a privacy breach with sensitive biometric data. The purpose of this investigation is to examine blockchain‐based biometric applications research. It begins by determining the myriad ways that biometrics and blockchain may work together, including the storage and protection of biometric templates, identity management, and biometric authentication systems. Different biometric applications with respect to blockchain technology are also identified, along with the types of biometric data taken into account, features and capabilities of blockchain technology exploited, and blockchain technology frameworks employed. Finally, the authors seek to investigate blockchain concepts in the biometric domain by evaluating their pros and cons and summarizing the methods developed on blockchain for diverse biometric applications. Additionally, the applications of blockchain‐based biometric systems are highlighted before moving on to open research questions and potential future research areas.

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