DOI: 10.1002/sstr.202300405 ISSN: 2688-4062

A Smart Amorphous Wire Composite with Tunable Electromagnetic Shielding

Xiao Dai, Jia Zhou, Zenan Ma, Jiali Chen, Bin Shen, Chunyang Mu, Aina He, Yaqiang Dong, Qikui Man, Jiawei Li
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • General Environmental Science

Nowadays, in view of the increasingly serious problems of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiation pollution, smart EMI shielding materials with tunable shielding effectiveness (SE), especially “On/Off” switchable capability, are highly desirable. Herein, Co‐based amorphous wires (AWs) with excellent soft magnetic and mechanical properties are regularly arranged on a 3D‐printed mold as tunable EMI shielding composites. The EMI SE can be easily tuned in the range of ≈0.6–24.7 dB by way of rotation, which has been confirmed to be an effective way to achieve free tuning of EMI SE by simulation. In addition, by compositing AWs with reduced graphene oxide and constructing a double‐layer structure with a gap of 1/4 wavelength in the X‐band, a much wider SE tuning range of ≈1.0–57.7 dB is further realized. The representative “On/Off” switchable shielding capability that can switch between EM transmission and effective shielding, together with the wide SE tuning range larger than 50 dB, shows the great potential of Co‐based AW composites in smart EMI shielding applications.

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