DOI: 10.1177/03015742231210630 ISSN: 0301-5742

A SimpleImplant Guide for Infrazygomatic Bone Screw Placement with High Precision—A Clinical Innovation

Preethy Thulukanam, Umarevathi Gopalakrishnan, C Baghya
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  • Cultural Studies

Absolute anchorage systems like mini-implants, bone screws, and mini-plates have been a landmark evolution in the modern orthodontic world providing an added armamentarium in the hands of orthodontists to treat their patients with utmost efficiency. Unlike other systems, the extra radicular placement and limited surgical exposure make the bone screws such as infrazygomatic crest screws (IZC screws) superior, and to capitalize on these benefits, stability of the implant is vital that relies on their precise placement and angulation. Hence, this article presents a simple implant guide with elastomeric impression material for the precise positioning of IZC screws with utmost ease in fabrication.

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