DOI: 10.1093/rasti/rzad043 ISSN:

A set of codes for numerical convection and geodynamo calculations

Steven J Gibbons, Ashley P Willis, Chris Davies, David Gubbins


We present a set of codes for calculating and displaying solutions to diverse problems within thermal convection and magnetic field generation in rotating fluid-filled spheres and spherical shells. There are diverse programs for the kinematic dynamo problem, the onset of thermal convection, and boundary-locked thermal convection, and time-stepping codes for non-magnetic convection and the dynamo with either homogeneous or spatially varying thermal boundary conditions. Where possible, all programs have been benchmarked against other codes and tested by reproducing previously published results. Each program comes with the complete source code, a pdf instruction manual, and at least one example run with a sample input file and all necessary files for describing an initial condition. The only prerequisite for running most of the codes is a FORTRAN compiler. The plotting programs require in addition the PGPLOT graphics library. All source code, examples, input files, solutions, and instructions are available for download from github and Zenodo.

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