DOI: 10.3390/info14080459 ISSN:

A Service-Efficient Proxy Mobile IPv6 Extension for IoT Domain

Habib Ullah Khan, Anwar Hussain, Shah Nazir, Farhad Ali, Muhammad Zubair Khan, Inam Ullah
  • Information Systems

The upcoming generation of communications can provide richer mobility, high data rate, reliable security, better quality of services, and supporting mobility requirements in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. Integrating modern communication with IoT demands more secure, scalable, and resource-efficient mobility solutions for better business opportunities. In a massive 6G-enabled IoT environment, modern mobility solutions such as proxy mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) have the potential to provide enhanced mobility and resource efficiency. For supporting richer mobility, a cost-effective and resource-efficient mobility solution is required in a massive 6G-enabled IoT environment. The main objective of the presented study is to provide a resource-friendly mobility solution for supporting the effective integration of future communication in the massive IoT domain. In that context, a location-based, resource-efficient PMIPv6 extension protocol is proposed to provide resource efficiency in terms of required signaling, packet loss, and handover latency. To compare and analyze the proposed model’s effectiveness, mathematical equations are derived for the existing as well as for the proposed solution, and such equations are implemented. Based on the comparison among existing and proposed solutions, the results show that the proposed location-based service-oriented proxy mobile IPv6 extension is resource efficient for supporting mobility in 6G-enabled IoT.

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