DOI: 10.3390/e25091269 ISSN:

A Semi-Quantum Private Comparison Base on W-States

Jian Li, Zhuo Wang, Jun Yang, Chongqiang Ye, Fanting Che
  • General Physics and Astronomy

Privacy comparison is an important research topic in secure multi-party computing, widely used in e-commerce, secret ballots, and other fields. However, the development of quantum computing power poses a growing potential security threat to secure multi-party algorithms based on mathematically tricky problems, and most of the proposed quantum privacy comparison schemes could be more efficient. Therefore, based on the W-state, we offer a more efficient semi-quantum privacy comparison method. The security analysis shows that the scheme can resist third-party, measurement, and entanglement attacks. Compared with the previous work, the scheme significantly improves communication efficiency and has stronger practicability.

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