DOI: 10.1155/2023/2798187 ISSN: 2314-4912

A Rock Mass Classification Method for Tuff Tunnel Based on the High-Pressure Gas Expansion Method

Huaide Peng, Danli Li, Jia Sheng, Bing Dai, Qi Da
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Hardware and Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • General Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering

A precise rock mass grade result is crucial for directing the tunnel excavation engineering design. A novel rock mass classification method for tuff tunnel based on the high-pressure gas expansion method (HPGEM) was proposed, which was primarily built on field test data previously acquired by the research team. The main achievements are as follows: combined with field data and the HPGEM rock-breaking theory, analyzing the rock uniaxial compressive strength, rock mass integrity index, and the relationship between the gas generator unit consumption and fitted the relevant equations. After that, the rock optimal uniaxial compressive strength (about 150 MPa) and the rock integrity factor (about 0.85) were obtained. With reference to the BQ rock mass classification method, a new rock mass classification method that applied to HPGEM was proposed. This study fills the gap of the appropriate rock mass classification method requested on HPGEM.

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