DOI: 10.1049/rsn2.12451 ISSN:

A robust lp‐norm localization of moving targets in distributed multiple‐input multiple‐output radar with measurement outliers

Jing Yang, Chengcheng Liu, Jie Huang, Ting Ding, Dexiu Hu, Chuang Zhao
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The Gaussian noise model and estimators based on least squares (LS) are widely used in target localisation with distributed multiple‐input multiple‐output (MIMO) radar because of their computational efficiency. However, the accuracy of existing LS‐based target localisation algorithms deteriorates sharply in the presence of outliers in the measurements. Thus, a robust solution is developed based on the ‐norm minimisation criterion and iteratively reweighted least squares (IRLS) for locating a moving target with impulse noise using the angle of arrival (AOA), time delay (TD), and Doppler shift (DS) measurements. First, the AOA, TD, and DS measurement noise models are developed based on the α‐stable distribution. Then, the localisation problem is transformed into an ‐norm minimisation problem by linearising the AOA, TD, and DS measurement equations. Finally, the ‐norm minimisation problem is solved using an IRLS method to obtain the target position and estimate the velocity. Moreover, the optimum of the norm order (p) and the Cramér–Rao lower bound for the target position and velocity estimation are derived under α‐stable distributed measurement noise. The simulation results demonstrate that the developed algorithm offers higher accurascy and robustness than the existing ones in the presence of measurement outliers.

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