DOI: 10.37120/ijttl.2022.18.2.02 ISSN:

A Revised Curriculum Framework for Emergency Remote Education: Lessons from Parents’ Perspectives of K-12 Online Remote Instruction During Covid-19

Jing Lei, Yang Liu, Zeenar Salim

Much research has been conducted to examine K-12 online/hybrid learning during the COVID-19 global pandemic, however, little research has studied this unique educational situation from the parents’ perspective. Using Schwab's Traditional Curriculum Design Framework, this study examined the four common places (students, teachers, curriculum, and Milieu) of education for K-12 students’ emergency remote education (ERE) based on parent’s input. By qualitatively analysing 662 comments from parents and guardians during Fall 2020 semester, this study identified causes to students’ engagement issues, teachers’ online pedagogical challenges, parents’ curriculum concerns, and technological barriers during the ERE. We propose a revised Schwab’s traditional Curriculum Design Framework that encourages a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the ERE Milieu of teaching and learning. The revised framework emphasizes strong school leadership in preparing for the ERE, involving critical stakeholders particularly parents and guardians in the overall process, and providing various support and technology resources to address challenges from technological, pedagogical, social and other aspects that emerge in ERE situations. Lessons learned from this study will have meaningful implications for remote/hybrid learning in general and for future emergency situations in particular.

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