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A Review Paper on Identification of Ayurvedic Prakriti Types

Swati Dhole, Yedey S.E.
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Human prakriti and tridosha are important for human health and fitness according to Ayurveda. A person's prakriti can be identified in Ayurveda in several ways. According to Ayurveda, every person born has five elements: earth, air, water, fire and space.We own distinctive balance of these five elements in assorted degrees. The balance of these elements is known as Tridosha. There are three basic doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and good health is considered a balance of these three doshas. Doctors evaluate these characteristics through examination and palpation to determine Prakriti in patients.The physician decides on diagnosis, primary prevention, and therapy based on the Prakriti of each individual. Prakriti assessment involves clinical examination including questions about physiological and behavioural traits. There is requirement to develop models correctly for predicting prakriti classes that have been used for foretell various diseases. Ayurvedic doctors examine the prakriti of a person either by accessing the physical features and or by inspecting the nature of their pulsation. Based on this investigation, they identify, prevent and cure disease in patients by prescribing medicine.

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