DOI: 10.3390/ma16175997 ISSN:

A Review on the Application of Lignocellulosic Biomass Ash in Cement-Based Composites

Liguang Sun, Congguang Yao, Aofei Guo, Zhenyun Yu
  • General Materials Science

With the development of society, the demand for cement-based composites is increasing day by day. Cement production significantly increases CO2 emissions. These emissions are reduced when high volumes of cement are replaced. The consideration of sustainable development has prompted people to search for new cement substitutes. The lignocellulosic biomass ash obtained from burning lignocellulosic biomass contains a large number of active oxides. If lignocellulosic biomass ash is used as a partial cement substitute, it can effectively solve the high emissions problem of cement-based composites. This review summarizes the physicochemical properties of lignocellulosic biomass ashes and discusses their effects on the workability, mechanical properties, and durability (water absorption, acid resistance, etc.) of cement-based composites. It is found that appropriate treatments on lignocellulosic biomass ashes are beneficial to their application in cement-based composites. Meanwhile, the issues with their application are also pointed out.

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