DOI: 10.2478/amset-2023-0013 ISSN: 2668-4217

A Review on Application and Mechanical Properties of Hollow Tubular Section

Mohd Reyaz Ur Rahim, Shagil Akhtar
  • General Medicine


This paper presents a comprehensive review of the literature on hollow tubular structures, with applications ranging from traditional engineering structures to from simple circular tubes to modern corrugated structures. As such it provides an important reference for researchers to have a broad epigrammatic cognizance of the mechanical behavior of these structures. Hollow structures have long been seen as a simple and effective means of light weight structures with high stability under buckling load and energy absorption capability. This has been used in numerous industrial and academic applications. In recent years there have been numerous innovative developments to hollow tubular structures, involving more bewildering and inventive hollow structures which are better than solid structures as well as aesthetically more appealing. The use of corrugation and advanced composite materials are giving an added advantage by the virtue of which researchers can easily alter these structures and can make it beneficial or transform it according to their desired application.

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