Shrividya S, Sindhu Vaardini U

A Review on Adoption of Bim in Reducing Construction Rework

  • General Medicine

In the construction industry, the aim of project control is to ensure that the projects are completed on time, within budget and achieving other project objectives .Rework is one of the most major problems in the construction industry. It has an impact on time, cost, quality, and practically every other project success factor. There is always a significant loss of resources, materials, investments, and workforce-time as a result of rework and poor use of resources and materials in the works. Rework may be reduced by designing and planning with full understanding of customers and stakeholders, good communication amongst project aspects, applying quality management systems, and utilizing Information Technology. Because of the worldwide expansion of IT and the widespread use of BIM ,which coordinates all of the software and parts of the construction--the appearance of mistakes and inconsistencies has been drastically reduced in recent years, allowing specialists to realize their full potential in doing projects. To the best of the author’s knowledge, this study is to use actual project data to measure the effects of BIM implementation on rework in construction projects. The study's findings enable practitioners to develop techniques to reduce rework with BIM implementation, enhance project cost and time performance, and increase project delivery efficiency

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