Workabeba Abebe Taye

A Review of the Evolution and Advancements of Neurological Physical Therapy

Over the years, the discipline of neurological physical therapy has undergone modifications, with a shift in focus from muscular weakness to non-muscular issues. Neurofacilitation and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) are methods designed to improve both the flexibility and muscular power of people. The rehabilitation environment and the duration of physical activity are also crucial. The advancement of robot-assisted therapy and the implementation of suitable training methodologies have the potential to enhance the functionality of individuals with neurological impairments. This research examines the advancement of neurological physical therapy and the advancements achieved in treatment techniques aimed at enhancing functional mobility. This article explores the influence of early research in neurophysiology and experimental models on therapeutic approaches, highlighting the need of incorporating advancements in neurology into clinical practice. The research emphasizes the importance of motor learning, muscle biology, biomechanics, and exercise science in optimizing motor performance and facilitating functional motor recovery.

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