DOI: 10.3390/membranes14010005 ISSN: 2077-0375

A Review of Temperature Effects on Membrane Filtration

Bochao Xu, Wa Gao, Baoqiang Liao, Hao Bai, Yuhang Qiao, Walter Turek
  • Filtration and Separation
  • Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Process Chemistry and Technology

Membrane technology plays a vital role in drinking water and wastewater treatments. Among a number of factors affecting membrane performance, temperature is one of the dominant factors determining membrane performance. In this review, the impact of temperature on membrane structure, fouling, chemical cleaning, and membrane performance is reviewed and discussed with a particular focus on cold temperature effects. The findings from the literature suggest that cold temperatures have detrimental impacts on membrane structure, fouling, and chemical cleaning, and thus could negatively affect membrane filtration operations and performance, while warm and hot temperatures might expand membrane pores, increase membrane flux, improve membrane chemical cleaning efficiency, and interfere with biological processes in membrane bioreactors. The research gaps, challenges, and directions of temperature effects are identified and discussed indepth. Future studies focusing on the impact of temperature on membrane processes used in water and wastewater treatment and the development of methods that could reduce the adverse effect of temperature on membrane operations are needed.

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