DOI: 10.3390/jcm12247671 ISSN: 2077-0383

A Review of Slipping Rib Syndrome: Diagnostic and Treatment Updates to a Rare and Challenging Problem

Isheeta Madeka, Sneha Alaparthi, Marisa Moreta, Shawn Peterson, Jeffrey J. Mojica, Johanes Roedl, Olubenga Okusanya
  • General Medicine

Slipping rib syndrome (SRS) is a disorder that occurs when one or more of the eighth through tenth ribs become abnormally mobile. SRS is a poorly understood condition leading to a significant delay in diagnosis and therapeutic management. History and a physical exam are usually sufficient for a diagnosis of SRS. The utility of dynamic ultrasounds has also been studied as a useful diagnostic tool. Multiple surgical techniques for SRS have been described within the literature. Cartilage rib excision (CRE) has been the most common technique utilized. However, the literature has shown a high rate of recurrence and associated risks with the procedure. More recently, minimally invasive rib fixation and costal cartilage excision with vertical rib plating have been shown as successful and safe alternative techniques. This may be an effective, alternative approach to CRE in adult and pediatric populations with SRS.

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