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Abirami Nallathambi, S Sreekaanth, Jereen Varghese
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Background Infection by COVID- 19 can affect a range of clinical sequels, from asymptomatic to severe life-threatening course or death. The development of pulmonary brosis is accounted one of the key concerns regarding COVID- 19 pulmonary sequelae as it's associated with architectural deformation of the lung parenchyma and overall impairment of lung function resulting in reduced quality of life.Aim The purpose of this review is to present the existing evidence-based literature on the association between Covid 19 and lung brosis. MethodsAn extensive search of all materials related to the topic was carried out in the PubMed. Keywords used in the search include calcium and hypertension. Atotal of 2,563 articles were found, out of which a total of eleven studies similar to the current study objectives and publicly available for free were included in the study and analyzed. Conclusion Most of the studies showed a positive correlation between Covid19 and lung brosis. The studies are sparse, and the included studies had smaller sample sizes. Hence, more large-scale clinical studies are needed to determine the clinical signicance of Covid19 and lung brosis.

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