DOI: 10.48175/ijarsct-14311 ISSN: 2581-9429

A Review of Microencapsulation with their Utilization

Diksha Khandare, Bilal Sufi, Kaifiya Naaz, Yati Sonare, Pooja Shende
  • General Medicine

The formulation of natural substances together with a biocompatible or biodegradable carrier material to form composites or encapsulates has great relevance for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. The main objective of this article is to take a look at microencapsulation as a novel drug delivery system. Its scope extends beyond conventional microcapsules to all other small particulate systems such as self-assembling structures that involve preparative manipulation. The review covers encapsulation materials, techniques of preparation, physics of release through the capsule wall, characterization of microcapsules, and the many uses to which microcapsules are put. The review of State of Art of Microencapsulation of Microcapsule Preparation Process Technology is a well-established dedicated to the preparation, properties, and uses of individually encapsulated novel small particles, as well as significant improvements to tried-and- tested techniques relevant to microcapsules and their use in a wide variety of industrial, engineering, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research applications

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