DOI: 10.3390/ma16176008 ISSN:

A Review of Metamaterials in Wireless Power Transfer

Cancan Rong, Lihui Yan, Long Li, Yunhui Li, Minghai Liu
  • General Materials Science

Wireless power transfer (WPT) is a technology that enables energy transmission without physical contact, utilizing magnetic and electric fields as soft media. While WPT has numerous applications, the increasing power transfer distance often results in a decrease in transmission efficiency, as well as the urgent need for addressing safety concerns. Metamaterials offer a promising way for improving efficiency and reducing the flux density in WPT systems. This paper provides an overview of the current status and technical challenges of metamaterial-based WPT systems. The basic principles of magnetic coupling resonant wireless power transfer (MCR-WPT) are presented, followed by a detailed description of the metamaterial design theory and its application in WPT. The paper then reviews the metamaterial-based wireless energy transmission system from three perspectives: transmission efficiency, misalignment tolerance, and electromagnetic shielding. Finally, the paper summarizes the development trends and technical challenges of metamaterial-based WPT systems.

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