DOI: 10.3390/mining3030029 ISSN:

A Review of Dimension Stone Extraction Methods

Karandagoda Gamage Anjana Udara Samarakoon, Samarasuriya Patabendige Chaminda, Chulantha Lakmal Jayawardena, Anjula Buddhika Nayomi Dassanayake, Yasanga Suduweli Kondage, Kannangara Appuhamilage Tharindu Theekshana Kannangara
  • General Medicine

This review paper examines extraction methods in the dimension stone industry. Traditional techniques, like thermal shock, hammer and chisel, and plug and feather, were used historically. However, advancements in technology have led to the adoption of mechanized methods. Diamond wire cutting is a highly efficient technique that reduces waste and ensures quality. Challenges like high costs and wire breakage remain. Circular diamond saws and frame sawing are explored as alternative methods. Stone characteristics influence machinery selection and researchers have studied the impact on extraction efficiency. Controlled blasting with explosives shows promise and requires further exploration and optimization.

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