DOI: 10.1049/blc2.12040 ISSN:

A research on cross‐chain and interoperation methods of fusion protocol

Li Ming, Song Wenpeng, Li Ankai, Zhou Ziming, Liu Mianchen
  • General Medicine


At present, cross‐chain technology and cross‐chain system pay more attention to cross‐chain security and performance, and have shown great improvement in security, scalability and efficiency. However, the generality of cross‐chain technology in different scenarios is poor, and it may not fit in different business fields. In order to solve the generality problem of cross‐chain technology, this paper sorts out and analyzes the research of blockchain cross‐chain protocol, and proposes a fusion protocol cross‐chain method based on relay‐chain technology. This paper will introduce the cross‐chain framework and cross‐chain transaction process of fusion protocol. Cross‐chain framework includes blockchain cross‐chain interaction architecture, cross‐chain interaction governance mechanism and cross‐chain privacy protection scheme. The transaction process is divided into three different stages. Finally, combined with cross‐chain key technologies and landing application requirements, the future research direction of blockchain cross‐chain technology is given. The fusion protocol cross‐chain method based on relay‐chain technology proposed here is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of blockchain cross‐chain technology. By integrating the advantages of different blockchain systems and protocols, the fusion protocol is able to achieve a high degree of generality and compatibility, making it suitable for various business scenarios and applications.

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