DOI: 10.3390/rs16010130 ISSN: 2072-4292

A Recognition Model Incorporating Geometric Relationships of Ship Components

Shengqin Ma, Wenzhi Wang, Zongxu Pan, Yuxin Hu, Guangyao Zhou, Qiantong Wang
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

Ship recognition with optical remote sensing images is currently widely used in fishery management, ship traffic surveillance, and maritime warfare. However, it currently faces two major challenges: recognizing rotated targets and achieving fine-grained recognition. To address these challenges, this paper presents a new model called Related-YOLO. This model utilizes the mechanisms of relational attention to stress positional relationships between the components of a ship, extracting key features more accurately. Furthermore, it introduces a hierarchical clustering algorithm to implement adaptive anchor boxes. To tackle the issue of detecting multiple targets at different scales, a small target detection head is added. Additionally, the model employs deformable convolution to extract the features of targets with diverse shapes. To evaluate the performance of the proposed model, a new dataset named FGWC-18 is established, specifically designed for fine-grained warship recognition. Experimental results demonstrate the excellent performance of the model on this dataset and two other public datasets, namely FGSC-23 and FGSCR-42. In summary, our model offers a new route to solve the challenging issues of detecting rotating targets and fine-grained recognition with remote sensing images, which provides a reliable foundation for the application of remote sensing images in a wide range of fields.

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