DOI: 10.1002/ccr3.8369 ISSN: 2050-0904

A rare case of tumefactive demyelination of brain: A case report and literature review

Pugazhendi Inban, Ogbonnaya Akuma, Zenia Elavia, Chinaza Mercy Akuma, Mansi Singh, Meet Popatbhai Kachhadia, Agaba Barnett James Musiime
  • General Medicine


This case report highlights the diagnostic challenges encountered in a 30‐year‐old female presenting with fever followed by Wernicke's aphasia without right‐sided weakness, ultimately diagnosed as tumefactive demyelination (TD). TD is a rare neurological condition often misidentified as brain tumors or inflammatory disorders. The case emphasizes the importance of precise differentiation through advanced magnetic resonance imaging, showing restricted diffusion at lesion edges and the absence of gadolinium enhancement. Accurate diagnosis is crucial for tailored treatment and prognostic assessment. This case contributes to our understanding of TD and underscores the need for continued research and collaboration in the field of rare neurological disorders.

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