Natarajan Rajamurugu

A project-based learning (PBL) on gas dynamic concepts using hydraulic analogy technique

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Education

This article suggests the hydraulic analogy technique as a cost-effective approach for flow visualization in fluid mechanics, particularly in dealing with challenges related to supersonic flow, such as shock waves and flow past wedges. The project-based learning approach is adopted to engage students in the study effectively. This active learning method allows students to actively participate in research activities, from setting project goals to designing and executing experiments. The article highlights the positive impact of project-based learning on students’ learning outcomes through internal and external evaluations. The study shows that project-based learning enhances technical competence and encourages a lifelong passion for learning. The cost-effectiveness of the hydraulic analogy method inspires neighbouring academic institutions to consider similar approaches, further promoting the use of practical and affordable solutions for flow visualization experiments.

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