DOI: 10.26634/jele.13.4.20048 ISSN: 2229-7286

A procedure to analyze digital circuits in CNTFET and CMOS technology by ADS

Marani Roberto, Gina Perri Anna
  • General Medicine
This paper proposes a procedure to analyze digital circuits in both Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors (CNTFET) and Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) technology for the purpose of comparison. The procedure is applied to study a NAND gate, with an emphasis on its applicability to analyze other digital circuits. To demonstrate this versatility, the procedure is also used to analyze a NOT gate in both CNTFET and CMOS technology. The paper presents the improvements achieved with CNTFET technology compared to CMOS. All simulations are conducted using the Advanced Design System (ADS) software, compatible with the Verilog-A programming language. Results from the analysis reveal that CNTFET technology exhibits superior performance, particularly at lower supply voltages. The paper also quantifies the differences in propagation delay, with CNTFET technology outperforming CMOS technology by a significant margin.

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