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A Preliminary Study on the Evaluation of Photodynamic Diagnosis for Acne Inflammatory Skin Lesions

ChunLan Xu, Dan Yuan, Shi Cheng, XiaoLing Lan, Qian Wang, XinYu Lin, Wei Liu
  • General Physics and Astronomy
  • General Engineering
  • General Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemistry



This study aimed to observe the fluorescence characteristics of acne inflammatory skin lesions in 5‐aminolevulinic acid‐based photodynamic diagnosis (ALA‐PDD), and discuss the viability of using ALA‐PDD to evaluate acne inflammatory skin lesions and explore the advantages of predicting subclinical skin lesions.


The OBSERV facial skin detector collected photographs of 20 patients before and after optical intra‐tissue fiber irradiation photodynamic therapy(OFI‐ALA‐PDT) in both ALA‐PDD and white light patterns. The patients were treated once a week for four consecutive weeks in order to analyze the correlation between the two patterns in recognizing inflammatory skin lesions.


Before and after treatment, there was no significant difference between the two patterns for recognizing acne inflammatory skin lesions (p>0.05). Both patterns demonstrated a strong correlation (r>0.90) for the recognition of various types of inflammatory skin lesions at different treatment stages..


ALA‐PDD is a feasible method for evaluating acne inflammatory lesions, guiding treatment and judging efficacy. It has advantages in predicting subclinical skin lesions and deserves further study.

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