DOI: 10.1177/1932202x231193546 ISSN:

A Pragmatic Analysis of How North Carolina School Districts Aim to Differentiate for Gifted High School Students

Cindy M. Gilson, Mashael Alhibs, Benna S. Haas, Elisha Rearick, Jamie D. Garner, Lesli L. Kathman, Alexandria Airhart, Josie Peplinski
  • Education

We conducted a document analysis study in response to a request from district-level gifted education specialists about additional services to support their gifted high school students. Given the fact that these students are diverse in many ways (e.g., readiness, interest areas, and backgrounds such as race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, and sexual orientation), it is important they have access to a continuum of differentiated services. Therefore, we applied a pragmatic lens to examine the 2019–2022 North Carolina gifted education plans from one region to identify how districts proposed they would serve gifted high school students. Our analysis yielded six topical themes and related services: (1) acceleration, advanced courses, and programs; (2) differentiation: curriculum, instruction, and assessments; (3) enrichment; (4) collaboration and advising; (5) social and emotional; and (6) learners from diverse groups. We conclude with practical suggestions for educators and recommendations for future research in this under investigated area.

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