DOI: 10.31703/gfpr.2023(vi-i).06 ISSN: 2788-5038

A Potential Game-Changer: The Abraham Accord and its Implications

Naveed Zafar, Adeel Irfan, Faisal Ilyas
  • General Medicine

This study elucidates the relevance of the peace agreement between the UAE and Israel in reducing the country's ties to the Jewish state. The study's overarching goal is to decipher the truth behind the Abraham Accord and to explain the fundamental ideational variables like economy, politics, and defence that have contributed to this historical rapprochement and its influence in the region. With the global system in such a state of disarray, no country can be sure of the intentions or security of any other, driving them all into power politics. This is the framework that is used to make sense of the decision to normalize ties between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. The political, economic, and military aspirations of Middle Eastern governments as well as the fight of the United governments and Israel to imagine a new balance of power in the area independent of ideology have been examined.

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