DOI: 10.1029/2023ja031445 ISSN:

A Possible Unified Picture for the Connected Recurrent Magnetic Dipolarization, Quasi‐Periodic ENA Enhancement, SKR Low‐Frequency Extension and Narrowband Emission at Saturn

Y. Xu, Z. H. Yao, S.‐Y. Ye, S. V. Badman, K. Dialynas, N. Sergis, L. C. Ray, R. L. Guo, D. X. Pan, W. R. Dunn, B. Zhang, A. Bader, J. Kinrade, S. Y. Wu, A. J. Coates, D. G. Mitchell, Y. Wei
  • Space and Planetary Science
  • Geophysics


Magnetic Dipolarization, a hallmark indicator of the formation of field‐aligned currents, plays a crucial role in the energy dissipative processes that occur within planetary magnetospheres. Saturn's magnetic dipolarization was found to recur after one planetary rotation, suggesting a potential correlation with the corotating current systems. The observation of enhanced Energetic Neutral Atoms (ENA) within Saturn's inner magnetosphere serves as a diagnostic tool, revealing the existence of a rotating, dynamic Partial Ring Current (PRC) system. By utilizing multiple datasets from Cassini, this study advances the understanding of the interrelationship between ENA emission and magnetic dipolarization. Our results suggest the possibility of a coupling between the PRC system revealed by the ENA emission and magnetic dipolarization. Furthermore, a temporal correlation was found between the ENA emissions and two distinct radio emissions. This study discusses potential causal relationships among these phenomena and first time proposes a global unified physical picture.

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