DOI: 10.1177/10570837231216723 ISSN: 1057-0837

A Phenomenological Exploration of the Co-Teaching Experiences of Associate Choir Teachers in Texas

Jessica Nápoles, Jamey F. Kelley, Julianna LoBiondo
  • Music
  • Education

The purpose of this descriptive phenomenological study was to examine the co-teaching experiences of secondary choir teachers in associate director positions in the state of Texas. We interviewed 12 participants, who had held an associate director position for at least 3 years, two times across a 4-month period. Three themes emerged from the data: personal compatibility with head director, context for mentoring and learning, and hierarchical structures. The most satisfied associate directors had a positive relationship with their head director colleague, felt that their input was valued, and collaborated as part of a team. They desired to learn and receive mentorship from their colleague, though that mentorship was facilitated or impeded by context. Hierarchical structures were pervasive and affected job roles, associate directors’ sense of agency, and the choirs they taught.

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