DOI: 10.38159/ehass.20234137 ISSN: 2720-7722

A Pentecostal Perspective of the Cultural and Spiritual Significance of the House of Joshua in Jewish and Christian Traditions

Kwasi Atta Agyapong, Diana Adjei-Fianko, Emmanuel Agyei Kwafo, Emmanuel Foster Asamoah
  • Automotive Engineering

This academic paper delved into the cultural and spiritual significance of the House of Joshua in Jewish and Christian traditions from a Pentecostal perspective. The enquiry employed qualitative research methods, including historical and textual analysis, and comparative analysis to analyze the House of Joshua in contemporary Jewish and Christian practices from various magnitudes. The study through analysis of historical documents, texts, and scriptures from both Jewish and Christian traditions investigated the historical context of the House of Joshua, its cultural symbolism, and its role in shaping the religious identities of both Jewish and Christian communities. The paper further explored the many ways in which the House of Joshua is understood and revered within these religious traditions. The study sheds light on the rich tapestry of Jewish and Christian traditions by highlighting the shared historical and theological connections between these religious communities while also recognizing their unique perspectives and interpretations. The study contributes to a deeper understanding of the house of Joshua’s continuing relevance in contemporary Jewish-Christian religious practices and beliefs by accenting their common ground and fostering interfaith dialogue. Keywords: Cultural, spiritual, Joshua, house of Joshua, Jewish, and Christian

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