DOI: 10.3390/applmech4040060 ISSN: 2673-3161

A Novel Method of Jacobian Contours to Evaluate the Influence Line in Statically Determinate Structures

Anis Sulejmani, Odhisea Koça, Klodian Dhoska, Mohammad Gheibi, Reza Moezzi
  • Engineering (miscellaneous)

Influence lines are indispensable tools for visualizing and analyzing the dynamic variations in force factors induced by external loads within structural systems. Among these methods, the energetic approach stands as a widely employed technique, rooted in the fundamental principle of work done by changing forces. It enables engineers to transform intricate structural analysis problems into manageable ones by exploring the first derivatives of the radius vector, which represent infinitesimal velocity or displacement. This methodology seamlessly interweaves concepts such as carrier motion, relative motion, and the construction of mechanisms, bringing fresh perspectives to the analysis of influence lines. In this article, we explore the nuances of these novel methods within the domain of mechanism theory. Through comprehensive elaboration and analysis, we elucidate the underlying principles and practical applications of Jacobian contours. Crucially, we introduce a straightforward, rapid, and programmable approach, promising to revolutionize influence line determination in structural engineering. This method bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering the potential to elevate the accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability of influence line analysis. As such, it represents a significant advancement in the field of structural and applied mechanics, with broad-reaching implications for engineering practice.

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