DOI: 10.2174/2666145417666230821162612 ISSN:

A Novel Composite Material (Agave sisalana), Sisal Fiber as a Reinforced natural fiber for Sustainable and Durable Concrete

Mohd. Gulfam Pathan, A. M. Shende, Anjali D. Kadam, Rashmi G. Bade, Ram Krishna Mishra, Ajay M. Mendhe, Farhan Khan, Abdul Ghaffar Noor Mohammed, Mohammad Irshad Ansari
  • General Materials Science


Conventional reinforced concrete mixes are used for building projects worldwide because they are strong and last longer. Due to its versatility with different admixtures and compositions, the conventional concrete mix has always been a research area. Researchers are investigating the compatibility of conventional concrete with natural fibers to inexpensively attain maximum strength in concrete, as conventional concrete adds strength by adding fibers.


In this research, the durability test, acid and alkaline attack test, and wetting and drying test are performed to evaluate the concrete mix.

Results and Conclusion:

The mix design for M25, M35, and M50 grade concrete with and without sisal fiber is completed in this work. Overall, findings from several analyses suggest that sisal fiber concrete outperforms conventional concrete in terms of strength and durability. According to the study, sisal fiber concrete can be used instead of conventional concrete to achieve superior outcomes and sustainability.


In this research novel, composite material sisal fibre is with traditional concrete, and its strength is determined for different parameters required for any civil construction work.

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