DOI: 10.1049/mia2.12407 ISSN:

A novel broadband windmill‐shaped metasurface antenna with stable radiation patterns

Dongxu Chen, Xizhao Liu, Sang Ye, Wanchen Yang, Wenquan Che, Quan Xue
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


A novel windmill‐shaped metasurface (MTS) structure is firstly presented and applied to realise broadband antennas with stable radiation patterns. Different from conventional square MTS structure, the proposed windmill‐shaped MTS structure is formed by etching several triangular sawtooth slots instead of rectangular slots on the radiating square patch. Through the characteristic mode analysis, it can be found that the proposed MTS structure exhibits a much stable broadside radiation within a large bandwidth of 45.9%. Besides, the tapered edges resulted from the sawtooth slots can be regarded as smoother transitions, which would bring a better impedance matching. Based on above analysis, two antennas with different aperture sizes using the proposed windmill‐shaped MTS are well designed accordingly. Both antennas demonstrate the capability to achieve large impedance bandwidths over 40% and stable radiations (2‐dB gain bandwidth >33%). Compared with the conventional MTS‐based antenna, these proposed antennas improve the bandwidth and radiation performances effectively, showing great promises for modern wireless communication systems.

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