Mallanagoud Mulimani, Kumbinarasaiah Srinivasa

A novel approach for Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation via ultraspherical wavelets collocation method

Abstract We develop a precise and efficient ultraspherical wavelet method for a famous Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (BBM) mathematical model. The suggested technique uses the collocation method and ultraspherical wavelets. The proposed scheme is applied to linear and nonlinear BBM equations to inspect the proposed technique’s efficiency and accuracy. This practical approach’s effectiveness has been verified. Moreover, the method based on the ultraspherical wavelets is simple, accurate, fast, flexible, and convenient. The results are analyzed using tables and graphs and compared with other methods in the literature. As we know, Many PDEs don’t have exact solutions, and some semi-analytical methods work based on controlling parameters, but this is a controlling parameter-free technique. Also, it is pretty simple to implement and consumes less time to execute the programs. The recommended wavelet-based numerical approach is interesting, productive, and efficient. The proposed technique’s convergence analysis is presented through the theorem.

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