Adil Y. Al-Handal, Matt P. Ashworth, Angela Wulff

A new species of Craspedostauros (Bacillariophyceae) from the west coast of Sweden, with taxonomic and ecological notes on Craspedostauros laevissimus

  • Plant Science
  • Aquatic Science
  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics

Abstract Since its separation from Stauroneis in 1999, several new species of Craspedostauros were discovered in a variety of habitats and geographic locations, adding morphological and phylogenetic data to the investigations of the genus. In a survey of littoral diatoms of Sweden, both on the west and east coasts, two epiphytic stauros-bearing species were encountered and assigned to Craspedostauros following the characteristic features of this genus, including the possession of a stauros narrower than the central area and cribrate areolae. One species is described as new to science; Craspedostauros lateralis sp. nov., and the other is of uncertain identity but bears morphological similarity to C. laevissimus. Caspedostauros lateralis is a marine epiphytic species found in the west coast of Sweden, off Gothenburg city. Based on light and electron microscopy, a detailed description of the morphological and ultrastructural features of these species is given and a comparison of the distinguishing characters with allied species is discussed. Some ecological data and the occurrence of associated species on the host macrophyte are provided.

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