DOI: 10.1002/zaac.202300159 ISSN:

A new photochromic Mg(II)‐viologen complex with photoswitchable emission and its application in ink‐free printing

Peng Liu, Teng Liu, Xianfu Shen, Jian‐Jun Liu
  • Inorganic Chemistry


Stimulus‐responsive molecular photochromic materials have potential applications in sensor, information storage, and optical switch devices since they undergo reversible color changes upon stimulus from external light. In this work, a viologen‐derived Mg(II) coordination complex with molecular formula [Mg(dpbp)2(H2O)4] (1) has been synthesized from 1‐(3,5‐dicarboxyphenyl)‐4,4′‐bipyridinium chloride (H2dpbp⋅Cl) under solvothermal conditions. Complex 1 has a three‐dimensional viologen‐based hydrogen bond network showing reversible photochromism through radical formation under ultraviolet‐visible light irradiation. Simultaneously, the emission of complex 1 can be reversibly modulated by ultraviolet‐visible light irradiation. Importantly, due to its reversible photochromic properties, practical fading time, and high stability, complex 1 can be used as an ink‐free and erasable printing medium by applying ultraviolet visible light irradiation with a mask.

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