J. A. Madrazo‐de la Garza, M. Gotthold, R. B. Lu, I. D. Hill, E. Lebenthal

A New Direct Pancreatic Function Test in Pediatrics

  • Gastroenterology
  • Pediatrics, Perinatology and Child Health

SummaryTraditional methods for collecting duodenal fluid are time consuming and technically difficult. A simple endoscopic method is proposed in this report as a means of collecting duodenal fluid to perform exocrine pancreatic function tests. Thirty‐five patients between 24 and 36 months of age were studied for pancreatic exocrine function. Twenty‐seven presented with chronic diarrhea and 8 with failure to thrive. In 20 patients (group 1), duodenal fluid was collected by means of a double‐lumen tube and sequential administration of pancreozymin (PZN) and secretin (SEC). The rest (group 2) had duodenal aspiration from the level of the papilla of Vater through a fiberoptic endoscope following administration of SEC only. The procedure took approximately 3 h in group 1 and 45 min in group 2. Secretin administration produced comparable levels of enzymes in both groups. Pancreozymin produced the highest enzyme levels, but this was only significantly higher than SEC‐induced levels in the case of lipase. Endoscopic collection of duodenal fluid following SEC administration is a safe, quick, and reliable method of collecting pancreatic secretion.

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