DOI: 10.3390/taxonomy3040031 ISSN: 2673-6500

A New and Little-Known Species of the Ground Beetle Genus Nebria Subgenus Falcinebria Ledoux and Roux, 2005 (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from Japan

Kôji Sasakawa
  • General Medicine

This paper presents additional notes on the carabid genus Nebria subgenus Falcinebria Ledoux and Roux, 2005 from Japan: a description of a new species Nebria suzukana sp. nov. from Mt. Gozaishodake; a new distribution and the southwesternmost collection record of Nebria furcata Sasakawa, 2020 from Mt. Uchimiyama; an additional record of Nebria kobushicola Sasakawa, 2023 from the Yatsugatake Mountains; and an additional record of an undetermined species from the Iide Mountains that was previously treated as Nebria taketoi Habu, 1962, with a note on its habitat. In addition, a key to the known species of Nebria (Falcinebria) from Honshu is provided.

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