DOI: 10.1111/1744-9987.14045 ISSN:

A nephrologist dream of peritoneal dialysis catheter with zero migration: A multicenter prospective study

Abdullah K. Al‐Hwiesh, Ibrahiem Saeed Abdul‐Rahman, Jose Carolino Divino‐Filho, Mohamed A. Nasreldin, Amani A. Al‐Hwiesh, Nadia Al‐Audah, Hatem H. Althubaini, Moaz Abdulgalil, Ghassan A. Salah, Mohammad Z. Al‐Baggal, Bassam A. Abu‐Oun, Nehad Al‐Audah, Habib S. Al‐Ramadan, Kaltham Alfalah, Zahra Almarri, Ayat A. Al‐Awal
  • Nephrology
  • Hematology



PD catheter tip migration is a common complication and a significant cause of catheter malfunction. In this perspective, we present our experience with a new catheter and a new technique that involves the use of a new triple cuff PD catheter and a low entry site in an attempt to prevent PD catheter migration.


A total of 503 incident PD patients have been studied in more than one PD center over a period of 5 years.


During the 5‐year follow up we recorded zero percent catheter migration. Other technical complications were poor drainage in 3.4%, omental wrap in 2.8%, early leakage in 3.4%, and catheter replacement in 2.4%. By the end of the study, the one‐year PD catheter survival was 97.6%.


Our new triple cuff PD catheter and our low‐entry approach seem to be effective in preventing PD catheter migration and minimizing other mechanical complications.

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