DOI: 10.1177/2050313x231197321 ISSN:

A neonatal case of vascular ring with Alagille syndrome

Pei-Shan Lee, Jose A Silva Sepulveda, Miguel Del Campo, Sandra L Leibel, Amber Hildreth, Krishelle L Marc-Aurele
  • General Medicine

A female infant, born at 37 week 5 days to a mother via induced vaginal delivery for preeclampsia, was prenatally diagnosed with a right aortic arch with vascular ring. On the third day of life, the infant exhibited a bronze-gray coloration, and a direct bilirubin of 1.7 mg/dL was detected. The abdominal ultrasound did not visualize the gallbladder. Clinically, the infant displayed features consistent with Alagille syndrome, including unusual facial appearance, butterfly vertebrae, cardiovascular defects, and cholestasis. The geneticist noted that the mother of the patient also exhibited similar features. Both the infant and the mother were diagnosed with Alagille syndrome, both having the same heterozygous JAG1 gene (NM_000214.2) variant (c.1890_1893del, p.Ile630Metfs*112). We believe that the vascular ring observed in our patient is the first reported instance of a vascular ring associated with Alagille syndrome.

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