DOI: 10.1177/09544070231195929 ISSN: 0954-4070

A multimodal fusion positioning method with adaptive driving behavior for intelligent vehicles

Ziyu Zhang, Chunyan Wang, Wanzhong Zhao, Mingchun Cao, Jinqiang Liu
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

Due to the difficulty of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in urban canyon environments, GNSS and inertial navigation system (INS) fusion positioning is widely used in the field of intelligent driving. In actual positioning, INS usually uses the vehicle physical model as a constraint to calculate inertial measurement unit (IMU) data to supplement the vehicle position and attitude as GNSS positioning information. However, the existing algorithms usually use a fixed physical model. When the vehicle’s driving behavior changes, such as lane-changing, acceleration, deceleration, etc., the fixed model cannot provide long-term constraints on cumulative errors, resulting in a decrease in fusion positioning accuracy and stability. Therefore, this paper proposes a multimodal fusion positioning method with adaptive driving behavior for intelligent vehicles. First, to adapt to multimodal driving behavior, a multimodal assisted positioning physical model with adaptive driving behavior (MAPM) is established, which expresses different physical models probabilistically based on driving behavior and historical data. Secondly, high-precision estimation of vehicle positioning parameters is achieved based on model probability and interactive multi-model (IMM). Finally, effective fusion of MAPM/GNSS/INS positioning information is achieved under the federated Kalman filtering framework. The simulation results show that compared to traditional GNSS/INS fusion positioning, the proposed method can effectively improve positioning accuracy and stability, especially in driving conditions with changes in driving behavior.

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