Oğuzhan Saygılı, Sevim Ayça Seyyar, Ecem Önder Tokuç

A modification of the intraocular lens blocking technique without posterior capsulorhexis for intraocular foreign body removal

  • Ophthalmology
  • General Medicine

Purpose: The intraocular lens (IOL) blocking technique described for the removal of intraocular foreign bodies (IOFB) emerged as a result of an effort to prevent the foreign body from being retracted into the posterior segment due to the resistance encountered while removing it from the corneal incision. However, in the technique described, in addition to the difficulty of the surgical procedure, the new concern is to create a posterior capsulorhexis according to the size of the foreign body and to pass the foreign body through the capsulorhexis. Methods: Here we describe a new approach to the IOL blocking technique. In this approach, the IOFB, which is held with intraocular forceps without any opening in the posterior capsule, is held in a perpendicular position to the long axis, lifted directly into the anterior chamber, and safely removed from the front of the monoblock foldable IOL. Results: In all patients treated with this approach, IOFBs were successfully removed without intraoperative or postoperative complications, and postoperative IOL centralization was achieved in all patients. Conclusion: This approach may provide practicality to the IOL blocking technique.

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