DOI: 10.3390/antiox13010060 ISSN: 2076-3921

A Metabolomic Signature of Ischemic Stroke Showing Acute Oxidative and Energetic Stress

Moustapha Djite, Juan Manuel Chao de la Barca, Cinzia Bocca, Ndiaga Matar Gaye, Néné Oumou Kesso Barry, Mame Ndoumbé Mbacke, Ousmane Cissé, Pape Matar Kandji, Ndèye Marème Thioune, Najah Fatou Coly-Gueye, El Hadji Malick Ndour, Fatou Gueye-Tall, Amadou Gallo Diop, Gilles Simard, Delphine Mirebeau-Prunier, Papa Madieye Gueye, Pascal Reynier
  • Cell Biology
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology

Metabolomics is a powerful data-driven tool for in-depth biological phenotyping that could help identify the specific metabolic profile of cryptogenic strokes, for which no precise cause has been identified. We performed a targeted quantitative metabolomics study in West African patients who had recently suffered an ischemic stroke, which was either cryptogenic (n = 40) or had a clearly identified cause (n = 39), compared to a healthy control group (n = 40). Four hundred fifty-six metabolites were accurately measured. Multivariate analyses failed to reveal any metabolic profile discriminating between cryptogenic ischemic strokes and those with an identified cause but did show superimposable metabolic profiles in both groups, which were clearly distinct from those of healthy controls. The blood concentrations of 234 metabolites were significantly affected in stroke patients compared to controls after the Benjamini–Hochberg correction. Increased methionine sulfoxide and homocysteine concentrations, as well as an overall increase in saturation of fatty acids, were indicative of acute oxidative stress. This signature also showed alterations in energetic metabolism, cell membrane integrity, monocarbon metabolism, and neurotransmission, with reduced concentrations of several metabolites known to be neuroprotective. Overall, our results show that cryptogenic strokes are not pathophysiologically distinct from ischemic strokes of established origin, and that stroke leads to intense metabolic remodeling with marked oxidative and energetic stresses.

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