DOI: 10.55385/kastamonujes.1395608 ISSN: 2667-8209

A Low-Power 30MHz ,6th Order Band-pass Differential Gm-C Filter on Chip Using Floating Current Source

Huseyin DEMİREL, Arsen AHMED
A 30MHz center frequency, 6th order Butterworth and elliptic band-pass filter using a leap-frog Gm-C structure in this work. A continuous time differential voltage mode Gm-C biquad and its adjoin voltage - mode version are described, employing FCS (Floating Current Source) circuits as building blocks. The improved current source structure is simple and includes fewer transistors. This provides an effective use of the chip area and brings simplicity to the design of circuits. The proposed filter structure does not contain the resistor which is very important for integration. All capacitors in proposed filter are grounded which reduces the parasitic effects. The proposed filter has been successfully implemented by TSMC 0.18μm CMOS process. Simulation results are given to confirm the theoretical analysis.

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