DOI: 10.3390/mi14081631 ISSN:

A Low-Cost Multibeam Switching Antenna Using Reconfigurable Hybrid Metasurface for Beamforming Applications

Lili Sheng, Yumei Luo, Gangxin Ning, Liang Meng, Weiping Cao
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Control and Systems Engineering

In this paper, we proposed a multibeam switching antenna based on a low-cost reconfigurable hybrid metasurface applied for beamforming systems. The antenna consists of two parts: a microstrip feed antenna and a transmission hybrid metasurface. The latter is composed of three types of units with different amplitude and phase responses to electromagnetic waves so as to control the beams of the feed antenna. Sixteen PIN diodes are arranged in the metasurface with a simple bias network. When two different direct-current voltages are applied to the PIN diodes, the antenna can dynamically switch between two beams and four beams. For demonstration, the proposed antenna is fabricated, and the measured results show that the antenna operates at 9.07–9.42 GHz (−10 dB bandwidth) with a total size of 1.80λ0 × 1.52λ0 × 0.22λ0 (λ0 corresponds to the wavelength of 9.28 GHz in free space). With the merits of a compact structure, low cost and good radiation performance, the proposed design is suitable for beamforming applications.

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