DOI: 10.48175/ijarsct-15396 ISSN: 2581-9429

A Literature Survey on Underground Cable Fault Detection using IoT

Hrishikesh G Karanth, Likhith Parameshwar
  • General Medicine

The rise in use of Underground Cables for power Transmission is recent times due to its less maintenance and lower susceptibility to damage by weather, means that detection of any other faults that occur in them must be swift and efficient to ensure lower down-Time in transmission and supply. The survey goes through various fault detection methods that have been proposed, to find potential pros and cons and attempts at bettering them. While using various AI models in detection can be highly accurate to the cause, it still has some error margins to it. On the other hand using IoT (Microcomputers and sensors) make up for near perfect detection increasing the efficiency of the system. This requires a wide range of understanding on the topics of electricity and the working of these lines which is the goal of this paper

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