Junfu Hou, Li Chen, Jingchao Guan, Wei Zhao, Ichirou Hagiwara, Xilu Zhao

A Laminated Spherical Tsunami Shelter with an Elastic Buffer Layer and Its Integrated Bulge Processing Method

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering (miscellaneous)

When a tsunami occurs, people can enter floating shelters and save their lives. Tsunami shelters consisting of thin-walled fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) spherical shells have been developed and are currently in use. In this study, a novel three-layer laminated spherical tsunami shelter and its fabrication method have been proposed as an alternative to the conventional thin-walled spherical FRP tsunami shelter. First, the inner and outer layers were made of thin-walled stainless-steel spherical shells using the integral hydro-bulge-forming (IHBF) method. The inter-layers between the inner and outer layers were filled with elastic rubber to provide a laminated spherical tsunami shelter with elastic cushioning layers. After the fabrication process was developed, a laminated spherical tsunami shelter with a plate thickness of 1.0 mm, an inner spherical shell design radius of 180 mm, and an outer spherical shell design radius of 410 mm was fabricated. The shape accuracy of the process was determined. The roundness values of the inner and outer layers of the spherical shell were 0.88 and 0.85 mm, respectively. The measured radii of the actual inner and outer spherical shells were 180.50 and 209.97 mm, respectively, and the errors between the design and measured radii were 0.28% and −0.01%. In this study, acceleration sensors were attached to the inner and outer layers of the processed, laminated spherical tsunami shelter. A hammer impact load was applied to the outer layer, and the response acceleration values measured by the acceleration sensors in the inner and outer layers were compared. It was confirmed that the response acceleration value of the inner layer was 10.17% smaller than that of the outer layer. It was then verified that the spherical tsunami shelter proposed in this study has a good cushioning effect and processing performance.

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