Piaopiao Peng, Heng Cheng, Yumin Cheng

A Hybrid Reproducing Kernel Particle Method for Three-Dimensional Elasticity Problems

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • General Materials Science

This study presents a fast meshless method called the hybrid reproducing kernel particle method (HRKPM) for the solution of three-dimensional (3D) elasticity problems. The equilibrium equations of 3D elasticity are divided into three groups of equations, and two equilibrium equations are contained in each group. By coupling the discrete equations for solving two arbitrary groups of equations, the complete solution of 3D elasticity can be obtained. For an arbitrary group of equations, the 3D elasticity problem is transformed into a series of associated two-dimensional (2D) ones, which is solved by the RKPM to derive the discrete formulae. The discrete equations of 2D problems are combined using the difference method in dimension splitting direction. Then, arbitrarily choosing another group of equilibrium equations, the discrete equation of another group of 2D problems can be obtained similarly. By combining the discrete equations for these two groups of 2D problems, the solution to an original 3D problem will be reached. The numerical results show that the HRKPM performs better than RKPM in solution efficiency.

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