DOI: 10.1002/admt.202300561 ISSN:

A Highly Sensitive Iontronic Bimodal Sensor with Pressure‐Temperature Discriminability for Robot Skin

Qianqian Yang, Zhiqiu Ye, Renke Wu, Honghao Lv, Chen Li, Kaichen Xu, Geng Yang
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • General Materials Science


Iontronic sensors, with the electrical double layer effect at the iontronic film /electrode interface as well as the temperature‐sensitive characteristic of the iontronic film, demonstrate the potential to be robot skin with pressure‐temperature perception. Herein, a highly sensitive iontronic bimodal sensor (IBS) with pressure‐temperature discriminability for robot skin is reported. With the elaborate design of the structure, especially the reasonable arrangement of electrodes, the resistance‐capacitance dual‐measurement modes on the iontronic film are realized. Based on the temperature‐sensitive resistance of the iontronic film, together with a pressure‐sensitive normalized variable of the capacitance of the IBS, a pressure‐temperature decoupling strategy is proposed, terminating in the maximum temperature error of 1.6% in 20–80 °C and the maximum force error of 5.9% in 3–10 N. Moreover, the hierarchically compressible microstructure of the iontronic film, with slender protrusions and stubby protrusions, is readily prepared, empowering the IBS with a pressure sensitivity of 25.9 kPa−1 and a broad pressure range up to 796 kPa. The IBS and the 5 × 5 IBS array, function as the skin for a robot in the scenarios of temperature sensing, writing calligraphy, and object manipulation, manifesting gigantic potential in human‐robot interaction.

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